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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Venturefest Bristol and Bath

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Jane Lambert

Venturefest Bristol and Bath is taking place at Watershed Bristol. Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX today and if you are in or can reach that neighbourhood today it is well worth a visit. You will find directions and travel information on the venue page of the event website.

Venturefest is the trade mark for a range of services in classes 35, 36 and 41. They include
"Arranging exhibitions for business purposes; conducting exhibitions for business purposes; arranging of trade fairs; promotion of fairs for trade purposes; business services relating to the provision of sponsorship for exhibitions and seminars; business consultancy services relating to the promotion of fund raising."
Events held under the Venturefest mark bring together local innovators and creatives, entrepreneurs and investors from a designated hinterland to a single venue for a day of talks and networking. There is an exhibition of local universities and professional, financial and business service providers and a competition where the region's brightest and best startups and growing companies pitch for investment. The first Venturefest was held at Oxford in 1999.  It was followed a few years later by Venturefest Yorkshire at York racecourse. Now there are Venturefests in almost every part of the UK.

The programme for today's Venturefest is here. The theme of this year's conference is "Smart Cities" and there will be a marketplace of "15 regional and national companies pushing the boundaries of Smart City innovation."The pitching contest which in other venues is called "Innovation Showcase" is known as "Silicon Gorge" in Bristol.

If you run or are thinking of starting a new business whether in Bristol, Bath or indeed anywhere you should give some thought as to how you will protect your goodwill, prevent other people from adopting your technology or offering similar designs right from the start. That is why I stress the importance of Putting IP at the Heart of Your Business Plan 2 Jan 2015 NIPC News and explain to every founder, accountant or investor Why every business plan should take account of intellectual property 3 April 2016 NIPC News. Whenever I have watched a pitching competition, one of the first questions that angels, bankers or venture capitalists ask is "What sort of intellectual property protection have you taken out?"

But I have also noticed that many business angels and private equity investors have only the sketchiest knowledge or understanding of IP and for them I have written An IP Primer for Business Angels and Private Equity Investors 29 Aug 2016 NIPC News.

Whether you are a founder, investor or professional advisor you need to focus on IP and as I have devoted my whole career to advising and assisting startups and other small businesses on how to protect and make money from their investment in branding, design, technology and creativity I am in a very good position to help you too.

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Better than the M4 - "The Judicial Superhighway"

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Jane Lambert

The Chancery Division, Circuit Commercial and Technology and Construction Courts sitting in Bristol and Cardiff are now known as "the Business and Property Courts" and linked to the Rolls Building in London  (see The Business and Property Courts of England and Wales Advisory note 27 Sep 2017 Judiciary website). The link between the courts in Bristol and Cardiff and London has been described as a "judicial superhighway" (see The Business and Property Courts of England & Wales - An Explanatory Statement  18 May 2017 by Sir Geoffrey Vos and Sir Brian Leveson). The objective of the judicial superhighway is to enable any kind of case to proceed outside London.

It will be possible to bring cases in Bristol or Cardiff if:

  • "one or more of the parties has an address or registered office in the circuit (particularly if the party is non-represented); 
  • at least one or more of the witnesses is located in the circuit; 
  • at least one of the witnesses expected to give oral evidence is located within the circuit 
  • the dispute occurred in a location within the circuit; 
  • the dispute concerns land, goods or other assets located in the circuit; or 
  • the parties’ legal representatives are based in the circuit."
One of the lists of the Business and Property Courts is the Intellectual Property List which is itself subdivided into lists for the Patents Court, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ("IPEC") and the Chancery Division. Cases relating to patents, registered and registered Community designs, semiconductor topographies and plant breeders' rights must proceed in the Patents Court or the IPEC multitrack. Both courts are based in the Rolls Building but the Patents Court and IPEC Guides state that the Patents and Enterprise Judges will sit outside London for the convenience of the parties or to save time or costs. All other IP cases - that is to say, those involving breaches of confidence, copyrights, database rights, passing off, rights in performances, trade marks, unregistered Community designs and unregistered design rights - can be issued out of the Bristol or Cardiff District Registries or IPEC. Claims that can be tried in 2 days or less where the amount in dispute is less than £500,000 should be issued out of IPEC. 

Claims issued out of the Business and Property Courts must be headed as follows:




Claims in the Business and Property Courts that are issued after 2 Oct 2017 will be given a claim number with a prefix that reflects the Court, List or sub-list in which they are issued. The prefix for Patents Court claims is "HP", the prefix for IPEC claims is "IP" and the prefix for IP claims in the Chancery Division is "IL"

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cardiff FinTech Company in Dubai Accelerator Programme

Jane Lambert

Delio Ltd, a wealth management platform software developer based at the Cardiff Business Technology Centre, is one of 11 companies to be selected for the first cohort of the Dubai International Financial Centre FinTech Accelerator Programme (see British Participation in Dubai FinTech Accelerator Programme 22 Aug 2017 NIPC Gulf), The other companies come from the USA, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Azerbaijan, India, Singapore and Sweden.

In the 13 weeks of the programme, the successful firms will experience:
  • "Mentoring from the industry’s leading firms and senior financial services executives
  • Insider knowledge and direct feedback from their target user groups
  • Workshops and panel discussions on topics such as procurement, regulation and industry trends,
  • Opportunities to raise their profile amongst potential partners and investors, and
  • A workspace in DIFC for two employees throughout the programme."
At the end of the programme, Delio and each of the other businesses will have the opportunity to bid for investment.  I have described the programme in FinTech in Dubai 3 Aug 2017.

To gain its place on the programme Delio had to compete against 100 other proposals from over 32 countries which included big data and analytics, the blockchain, payments, peer to peer and crowdfunding, roboadvisors, and mobility technologies. 

Delio is one of 21 businesses located at the Technology Centre (see the CBTC's company profiles page) one of which is a branch of Chapman & Co.

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Why NIPC Severn-Hafren?

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Jane Lambert

The Severn estuary divides Greater Bristol and Gloucestershire the Welsh cities of Cardiff and Newport. Because of its tides and currents, the river once acted as an effective barrier between Saxon and Celt but there are now two fine road bridges and a tunnel as well as the M4 motorway which connect them. If anyone was wondering about "Hafren" it is Weksh for the Severn. According to Wikipedia, it takes its name from a Celtic princess called Hafren who was drowned in the river by her stepmother. Her name in Latin was Sabrina and we have anglicized it to Severn.

I had originally intended to launch a blog on IP and technology in South-West England but the region is so large and so diverse that such a blog would have been of very little use to businesses and  individuals there. It includes some of the most prosperous parts of the United Kingdom but also some of the least. The region breaks up naturally into three parts, namely the Bristol City Region which includes much of Gloucestershire, Thomas Hardy's Wessex (that is to say, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire) and Cornwall. The distance between northern Gloucestershire and the Lizard peninsula is about the same as the distance from Gloucestershire to the Scottish border. Geography imposes a limit to what the constituent parts of that region could possibly have in common.

It occurred to me that very much the same could be said of Wales. That principality has two industrial districts originally based on mining and heavy industry in the south-east and northeast. The rest of Wales is rural but the Wye Valley and Pembrokeshire have a very different feel to Snowdonia or even to one another. The Brecon Beacons in the South are different again.

On the other hand Bristol, Cardiff and Newport are very close together. So close that many who work in Cardiff and Newport commute from Bristol and Gloucestershire and many who live in Cardiff and Newport travel to work in the opposite direction. Only 45 miles separate central Cardiff from Central Bristol which is slightly less than the distance between the centres of the Northern Powerhouse cities of Leeds and Manchester. The journey by rail from Cardiff to Bristol takes approximately the same time as the journey between Leeds and Manchester.  Greater Bristol and South East Wales may not regard themselves as such but they are for all intents and purposes a single conurbation of nearly 2 million inhabitants. They may lie in different nations but then the New York conurbation straddle three separate states while the B├óle, Fribourg, Mulhouse conurbation in three different countries, one of which is outside the EU.

The idea that South-Eas Wales and Greater Bristol could be a western powerhouse has already been canvassed by civic leaders in Bristol, Cardiff and Newport (see the press release Great Western Cities one step closer to realising Britain’s Western Powerhouse 12 Feb 2016  Metro Dynamics and John Murray Brown Bristol, Cardiff and Newport launch ‘Great Western Cities’ 12 Feb 2016 Financial Times). Metro Dynamics published a report entitled Britain's Western Powerhouse in support of greater cohesion and collaboration between the three cities.

The combined city regions would have a lot of strengths: the IPO is at Newport, international airports in Bristol and Cardiff, three world class research universities in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff and fine teaching universities nearby, good motorway and rail links to London, Heathrow and the Channel Tunnel, a highly skilled work force with a high percentage of graduates and beautiful countryside. great theatre and other attractions.

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Venturefest Bristol and Bath

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